[Dovecot] considering dovecot

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Wed Nov 29 14:07:33 UTC 2006

Steffen Kaiser wrote:
> 2) It responses to BCC'ed messages as well, as
> http://untroubled.org/qmail-autoresponder/procedure.txt does not state
> that the recipient must be part of To/CC.

I don't see this as being a problem (those contacts need to be aware the message
isn't going to necessarily be read, too).  If it was a problem for anyone, the
code is trivially easy to change (it's very clean code).

> I use sendmail's vacation. It has its own limits, when it comes to the
> way to construct the message and to detect the BCC case, one needs to
> whitelist all recipient addresses. Also, it uses a DB database.

qmail-autoresponder-mysql does what you might expect... ;-)


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