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Richard Mayhew - Nashua Mobile Broadband Division richardm at nashuamobile.com
Wed Nov 29 17:42:56 UTC 2006


(IMO Vacation messages aren't really part of this mailing list forum, as
I belive it's a MTA's job)

I have had Vacation Messages implemtented for a few years now using Exim
& MySQL with a Squirelmail plugin I wrote. Users would login to their
webmail profile, using the plugin, add, edit or delete their vacation
message which is stored in a MySQL DB. 

On successful delivery of the mail through the MTA, Exim would check to
see if the user has set a message in the vacation database (MySQL), and
if so, respond to the sender with the body of custom text. This would
only happen once per sender per day (predefined period I decided on). So
If you ended up mailing the user 10 mails, you would only receive one
message back informing you the recipient is "on vacation". One can set a
global exclude list of addresses not to reply to, ie postmaster etc, but
undoubtably some will get through.

I have plans to implement a time/date schedule for the vacation messages
as well, so that users can pre-book a vacation message for a particular
duration ahead of time.

So.. To some it up. I prefer using Exim (MTA) to do the dirty work.

> Sieve can do both but for #2 it appears that the vacation message text

> must be contained within the Sieve script itself. I'm planning on 
> using mySQL for the authentication database and the vacation message 
> should be stored in mySQL. I don't see any way to access the vacation 
> message text from mySQL using Sieve.

Properly handling vacation messages is beyond the current capabilities
of SIEVE, IMNSHO.  The problem is that it is surprisingly tricky to
correctly figure out what messages *not* to reply to: listserv messages,
bounces, etc.  Indeed, there is no way in the SIEVE language to limit
the vacation messages by number either; it is considered best practices
to only respond with the vacation message a limited number of times

Personally (and professionally) I use qmail-autoresponder:


which, despite its name, isn't just limited to qmail, but can be placed
in a .forward file.



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