[Dovecot] MAILDIR environment

Leroy van Logchem leroy.vanlogchem at wldelft.nl
Wed Nov 29 21:35:36 UTC 2006

 <adcx <at> server101.com> writes:

> from docs/mail-storages.txt:
> "Also as a special case, if MAILDIR environment exists, maildir storage is
used with the directory
> specified in it."
> Forgive me if this seems obvious, but is this talking about setting MAILDIR as
an enivornment variable? I
> have it set on my system in both /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile:
> MAILDIR=/path/to/maildir/
> export MAILDIR
> and have confirmed this worked by running 'echo $MAILDIR'. I've logged the
user in question out and then in
> again, as well as restarting dovecot but it still defaults to checking
~/Maildir when the user logs in.
> Setting the location using default_mail_env is not an option here as I need
the fallback behaviour that
> occurs when default_mail_env is not set.
> Any advice appreciated.

You can use the userdb extra_fields to change settings per account.
See http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2006-November/017830.html for example.

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