[Dovecot] method= in log file

Luigi Rosa lrosa at hypertrek.info
Thu Nov 30 19:40:55 UTC 2006

In Dovecot log I have:

Nov 30 20:35:16 xx dovecot: pop3-login: Login: user=<xxx>, 
method=PLAIN, rip=x.x.x.102, lip=y.y.y.53

Nov 30 20:35:16 xx dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<xxx>, 
method=plain, rip=x.x.x.102, lip=y.y.y.53

Apart the protocol (IMAP and POP3) is there a difference between 
"method=PLAIN" and "method=plain"?


+--[Luigi Rosa]--

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