[Dovecot] Wrong content-type reported for messages with only a text/html body?

Mathijs den Burger mathijs at izecom.com
Mon Sep 11 17:41:43 EEST 2006

Hi all,

It looks like Dovecot 1.0rc7 reports the wrong content-type for messages
with only a text/html body. An example of such a message is:

From: mathijs at izecom.com
Subject: test
To: foobar at example.com
Content-Type: text/html;



When I talk IMAP to Dovecot directly using telnet and fetch the
bodystructure of this message, Dovecot replies:

* 1 FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE ("text" "plain" ("charset" "us-ascii") NIL NIL
"7bit" 6 1 NIL NIL NIL))

I guess that should be 'text/html', not 'text/plain'.
Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

FYI: I run Dovecot on Debian stable with version 1.0rc7 compiled from


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