[Dovecot] Automatic Folder Expiry (plugin?)

Mick T sysadmin at webdock.com.au
Thu Feb 1 00:42:49 UTC 2007

Troy Engel wrote:
> Nice. :) What's your load like doing this compared to number of users? 
> I'm using a Maildir-on-NFS setup here, so there's always that to 
> account for as well... I'm guessing you run this at 5am or so daily?
I have around 5000 mailboxes on local SCSI drives, but yeah I nice -20  
the script, and run early in the morning. It doesn't take too long to run

> What about the Dovecot indexes -- will they adjust/fix/repair 
> automagically when the user logs in? Same with dovecot-uidlist, it's 
> self-healing?
I'm not the best person to answer this question, but its worked for me 
so far  :)


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