[Dovecot] POP3-Proxy error

Christian Froemmel froemmel at systemconcept.de
Sat Feb 3 11:26:25 UTC 2007


as mentioned in another thread I discovered a crash in the pop3-proxy. It
occurs when the remote-pop3-server just drops the connection (in my case
courier was hitting the MAXPERIP-Limit). I don't have a corefile yet, but
will try to get one.

Here the message from the dovecot.log:

dovecot: Feb 02 09:30:00 Error: pop3-login: file pop3-proxy.c: line 20 
(proxy_input): assertion failed: (!client->destroyed)

dovecot: Feb 02 09:30:00 Error: pop3-login: Raw backtrace:
pop3-login [0x8052fe0] ->
pop3-login [0x8052ab4] ->
pop3-login(vfprintf+0x2324) [0x804c6fc] ->
pop3-login(vfprintf+0x2c9a) [0x804d072] ->
pop3-login(vfprintf+0x1086) [0x804b45e] ->
pop3-login(vfprintf+0x29d0) [0x804cda8] ->
pop3-login [0x8056346] ->
pop3-login [0x8055849] ->
pop3-login(vfprintf+0x39d6) [0x804ddae] ->
/lib/i686/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xc7) [0x4015bd17] ->
pop3-login(SSL_write+0x49) [0x804a931]

dovecot: Feb 02 09:30:00 Error: child 5985 (login) killed with signal 6

It seems that the unexpected shutdown of the connection confuses dovecot.

When I increased the MAXPERIP-limit in courier the crashes went away.


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