[Dovecot] IMAP/POP3 server with proxy feature

Laurent Papier papier at sdv.fr
Mon Feb 12 16:57:03 UTC 2007

Le Sat, 03 Feb 2007 22:55:56 +1300
Jasper Bryant-Greene <jasper at albumltd.co.nz> écrit:

> We are currently evaluating the migration from a proprietary, legacy
> mail server onto Dovecot for 20,000+ virtual domains. This is a big job
> and we intend to do it by initially proxying connections through to the
> legacy server, and moving customers over in batches by turning off the
> proxy feature for them.
> In the manual it states "This model is still a bit unfinished in current
> code" [1]. What is needed to get this production-quality? I'm happy to
> help out with any work required.

We use Dovecot proxy feature in a quite large production environment (around 1.5
millions mailboxes). We have a maximum of 220 connections / second (2 minutes
average) on our environment and dovecot is running for several months now
without any major problems.

We have some experience with perdition too. But I recommend using dovecot over
perdition. Dovecot is much more easier to setup.

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