[Dovecot] Large & busy site, NFS with deliver only servers

Dean Manners deanm at ispone.com.au
Mon Feb 5 03:03:21 UTC 2007

		Further to my index problems with dovecot-lda over NFS when
busy.  Is it possible to also stop the writing of dovecot-uidlist?  I have
tried a shot in the dark with :INDEX=MEMORY:UIDLIST=MEMORY but it doesn't
seem to stop the writing of the dovecot-uidlist upon delivery.  Which when
busy, causes deliver processes to hang (and usually timeout/defer to the
mta) with many log entries such as:

Feb  5 13:15:07 mailfilter01 deliver(stresstest at stresstest.com):
rename(/var/mailstore/stresstest.com/1/stresstest at stresstest.com/.Postal/dov
/var/mailstore/stresstest.com/1/stresstest at stresstest.com/.Postal/dovecot-ui
dlist) failed: No such file or directory

I know taking out the uidlist and indexing takes away the key benefits of
deliver. However the only way I can see being able to deliver concurrently
to NFS mailstore is by blindly dropping in the messages ?

Dean Manners

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> On Mon, 2007-01-22 at 22:08 +1100, Dean Manners wrote:
> > Is there way to tell/patch Dovecot-LDA not to bother with 
> indexing? So 
> > Im not creating unused index files.
> mail_location = ...:INDEX=MEMORY
> If you want the same dovecot.conf to use indexes for 
> pop3/imap, put the mail_location inside protocol lda {}

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