[Dovecot] Large & busy site, NFS with deliver only servers

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Feb 5 12:42:07 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 14:03 +1100, Dean Manners wrote:
> Timo/others,
> 		Further to my index problems with dovecot-lda over NFS when
> busy.  Is it possible to also stop the writing of dovecot-uidlist?  I have
> tried a shot in the dark with :INDEX=MEMORY:UIDLIST=MEMORY but it doesn't
> seem to stop the writing of the dovecot-uidlist upon delivery.  Which when
> busy, causes deliver processes to hang (and usually timeout/defer to the
> mta) with many log entries such as:
> Feb  5 13:15:07 mailfilter01 deliver(stresstest at stresstest.com):
> rename(/var/mailstore/stresstest.com/1/stresstest at stresstest.com/.Postal/dov
> ecot-uidlist.lock,
> /var/mailstore/stresstest.com/1/stresstest at stresstest.com/.Postal/dovecot-ui
> dlist) failed: No such file or directory

So why exactly is it busy? Are there tons of deliveries to this address,
or is the whole NFS system just hanging which is causing these?

Were there other errors before this one? I'd guess there was something
about overriding the .lock file?

> I know taking out the uidlist and indexing takes away the key benefits of
> deliver. However the only way I can see being able to deliver concurrently
> to NFS mailstore is by blindly dropping in the messages ?

Why are you using deliver then? :)

There anyway isn't an option to not update the uidlist file.
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