[Dovecot] [Fwd: Disable a User's email account]

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Feb 11 16:18:47 UTC 2007

>>> Prevent ( disable ) some users from sending / receiving hir / her 
>>> emails...
>>> Including via WebMail System ( http://www.horde/imp ).

>> Fastest, easiest and quickly reversible - change their password.

> Sorry, do you know "What is disable" ?

Maybe you need to be more precise?

'Disable' can mean many things... do you want to REJECT all new/incoming 
mail for this user? Then you have to do that on your SMTP server side, 
otherwise, incoming mail will still be delivered to their mailbox.

If you simply want to prevent a user from being able to view their 
existing email through imap/dovecot - which, by the way, if you go bnack 
and re-read your original post, is what you asked for - (this would 
apply to any/all imap clients, including webmail), and from sending 
through your SMTP server, then - *assuming that you are using the same 
password backend for both* - simply changing the password is the best 
way to go, as Bart said. I do this all the time - it is a very effective 
way to get someone's attention. ;)

Of course, if you are not using the same password backend for imap and 
smtp - and if this is so, then I'd have to ask *why not!* - you'd have 
to change both.


Best regards,


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