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edwardspl at ita.org.mo edwardspl at ita.org.mo
Sun Feb 11 23:53:06 UTC 2007

Charles Marcus wrote:

>>>> Prevent ( disable ) some users from sending / receiving hir / her
>>>> emails...
>>>> Including via WebMail System ( http://www.horde/imp ).
>>> Fastest, easiest and quickly reversible - change their password.
>> Sorry, do you know "What is disable" ?
> Maybe you need to be more precise?
> 'Disable' can mean many things... do you want to REJECT all
> new/incoming mail for this user? Then you have to do that on your SMTP
> server side, otherwise, incoming mail will still be delivered to their
> mailbox.
> If you simply want to prevent a user from being able to view their
> existing email through imap/dovecot - which, by the way, if you go
> bnack and re-read your original post, is what you asked for - (this
> would apply to any/all imap clients, including webmail), and from
> sending through your SMTP server, then - *assuming that you are using
> the same password backend for both* - simply changing the password is
> the best way to go, as Bart said. I do this all the time - it is a
> very effective way to get someone's attention. ;)
> Of course, if you are not using the same password backend for imap and
> smtp - and if this is so, then I'd have to ask *why not!* - you'd have
> to change both.
Hello Charles,

1, All Services in the same Server machine.
2, Prevent some users from sending ( though SMTP Server : Sendmail ) /
receiving ( Dovecot : pop3 / imap ) his or her emails.

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