[Dovecot] dead bodies stacking up in Drafts folder

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Mon Feb 12 15:22:27 UTC 2007

Charles Marcus schrieb:
>> i never noticed such behavior using thunderbird imap ( linux , windows )
>> with courier or dovecot, are you sure that its not setup related?
>> After all apple mail seems to be broken with imap
> I always thought it may be related to the 'Auto-save' option in TBird,
> because most people here in our office use it (including me). It seems
> that any message that gets auto-saved is a prime candidate for this
> happening.
sorry i have this option too
and i never noticed any problem
with thunderbird , it works like it should and never something
unexpected happend.
My Mailbox on courier is filled with thousends of mails in many folders
with sub folders , sent emails are auto copied to the sent folder,
and if i want something be saved as draft it work like it should.
I heavily tested dovecot with thunderbird before i got the server opened
to now 1000 Users ( mostly outlook ) and i have no bug reports
The only bug wich were reported come from apple mail with courier by
magic double mail
Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best Regards

Robert Schetterer


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