[Dovecot] Problems with HUP'ing dovecot

Javier Henderson javier at kjsl.com
Mon Feb 12 20:25:31 UTC 2007


I'm running dovecot 1.0.rc7 on FreeBSD 6.1, so far with great  
success. Earlier today I tried to HUP the main process, the following  
was logged:

dovecot: Feb 12 15:10:19 Warning: SIGHUP received - reloading  
dovecot: Feb 12 15:10:19 Panic: file ioloop-poll.c: line 105  
(io_loop_handle_remove): assertion failed: (index >= 0 && (unsigned  
int) index < ctx->fds_count)

Of possible interest: just prior to issuing the HUP I had edited the / 
etc/resolv.conf file to take out the first entry since that  
particular DNS server went off line. I noticed that login attempts to  
the POP and IMAP services were timing out and that's when I sent the  
HUP to dovecot.

Any ideas?



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