[Dovecot] [Fwd: Disable a User's email account]

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Tue Feb 13 11:55:00 UTC 2007

> There is a second info needed:
> Do people need to authentificate in order to send mail at all?
> For Dovecot, there is a user disable passdb, but what's about SMTP?

Well... since this is the 'dovecot' list, I'm thinking you might want to 
ask that question on the 'smtp' list... ;)

Seriously - dovecot doesn't do 'smtp' - it is an IMAP/POP server.

The answer to your question can only be answered by the person in charge 
of the smtp server in question, since configuration options vary from 
server to server and situation to situation.


Best regards,


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