[Dovecot] Is it 1.0 yet?

Dan Price dp at eng.sun.com
Wed Feb 14 03:21:48 UTC 2007

On Wed 14 Feb 2007 at 02:14PM, Peter Fern wrote:
> Gavin Henry wrote:
> > <quote who="Marc Perkel">
> >   
> >> OK - my last main bug was fixed a few releases ago. I know that there's
> >> no end to getting things right but there comes a point when you need to
> >> call it done. No one trusts a 1.0 to be perfect but Dovecot is already
> >> better that most 2.0 versions of other software.
> >>
> >> I vote (as if my vote counted) to call it done, declare victory, and
> >> move on to 1.01, 1.02 etc. No one is going to trus it till it gets to
> >> 1.02 so I say lets bless it and move on.

I agree except for my aformentioned concerns: if 1.0.1 is a bugfix
release for 1.0, great.  But I'd not like 1.0.1 to be chock full of
new features which could introduce instability.

I'd like to see a risk managed, bug-fix-only 1.0.x train and a less
stable 1.1 or 2.x train.


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