[Dovecot] Dovecot proxy question (hostname instead of ip)

Wouter de Jong wouter at widexs.nl
Thu Feb 15 15:14:51 UTC 2007


We are planning to use the Proxy feature of Dovecot,
but fail to implement it currently the way we would like to.

Reason is that proxy insists to have an IP-address as host :

Feb 15 15:43:24 proxy-test.widexs.nl dovecot: pop3-login: proxy(username):
mspool01-test.widexs.nl is not a valid IP

When I changed the query to force the IP-address of the above server, 
it works.

Would it be possible to make this work, but more important ... 
Are there any reasons NOT to make this work ? :))

Kind regards,


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Wouter de Jong                  System-Administrator
Tel +31 (0)23 5698070           Fax +31 (0)23 5698099
Bijlmermeerstraat 62,           2131 HG  HOOFDDORP, NL

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