[Dovecot] filtering out LIST cruft?

Dan Price dp at eng.sun.com
Fri Feb 16 23:14:40 UTC 2007

In planning our migration, I've noticed that lots of users have
bits of lint in their ~/mail and/or ~/Mail.

For example-- for an mbox called "blah" we may see:

        blah.msf             (from Thunderbird)
        .blah.summary        (from... I'm not sure, dtmail maybe)
        .blah_SIMS_index0003 (from our old IMAP server).

When the user goes to "subscribe" they are often overloaded with too
many items to choose from-- because all of these files are selectable
in the UI-- LIST happily returns them.

Is there a way to get dovecot to skip over these, by regex?  Could
it optionally "taste" files to see if they look like mboxes?  I looked
at the wiki and the source but didn't find anything.

In the absence of this feature, I wonder how other sites have handled
this?  Obviously I can do some cleanup during migration, but I find
that those pesky msf files like to come back.


Daniel Price - Solaris Kernel Engineering - dp at eng.sun.com - blogs.sun.com/dp

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