[Dovecot] Replacing qmail + vpopmail with: sendmail + dovecot

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Mon Feb 19 22:45:43 UTC 2007

Láďa wrote:
> Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wonder if it posible to replace qmail + vpopmail with sendmail +
> dovecot?
> Sure, anything is possible, but if you are trying to get away from 
> qmail+vpopmail, you should probably move to postfix instead of sendmail 
> (unless you /like/ pain ;).  Sendmail is a monolithic monstrosity that 
> is barely able to be managed by mortals.  Postfix is designed (like 
> qmail and vpopmail), as a series of small programs that do one thing and 
> do it well.  There should be a FAQ entry for switching to Postfix 
> virtual users from vpopmail; check the Postfix site...
> John

I was going to recommend Exim instead of Sendmail. Exim is in my opinion 
the best.

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