[Dovecot] Dovecot on Solaris x86?

Bart Smaalders barts at smaalders.net
Sat Feb 24 07:49:34 UTC 2007

Bill Cole wrote:
> Thanks for the details. I had not previously analyzed the problem in 
> detail, only addressed the operational issues by writing off the Sun 
> customized version as inadequate (see Sendmail, SSH, etc...)
> (I say that as someone who works with almost exclusively Sun gear 
> running Solaris. I love the system overall, but hate the way Sun 
> integrates critical bits of open source. )

This particular problem has been a long standing irritant, and is
getting fixed.  There's pretty active set of communities and mailing
lists over at opensolaris.org, so if you've got issues or suggestions,
speaking up there would be a pretty effective way of letting
those of us actively working on OpenSolaris (both inside and outside
of Sun) know.

Thanks -

- Bart

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