[Dovecot] Quota stored in LDAP

Stian Jordet liste+dovecot at jordet.net
Tue Feb 27 20:39:43 UTC 2007

On tir, 2007-02-27 at 13:12 -0300, Venilton Junior wrote:
> default_mail_env = maildir:/var/lib/imap/vmail/domains/%d/%n/mail::INDEX=/var/run/dovecot/indexes/%n

I don't really know, but have you checked whether the maildirsize file
is in the index-location?

> plugin {
>         convert_mail = maildir:/var/lib/imap/vmail/%d/%u/mail
> #quota = maildir:storage=102400 (If I uncomment this line, quota start to work, but for everyone equally)
>         quota = maildir (After putting this line, all messages starts to get at the filename the ,S=)
> }

You don't need to have a quota line in the plugin section.

> Here follows my dovecot-ldap.conf:
> user_attrs = mail,homeDirectory,,,,quotaStorage=quota

And your ldap attribute is called quotaStorage?

> But it's not creating the control file... should I use dirsize instead of Maildir++ ?
> My quota ldap entry is: maildir:storage=102400

No, you should not use dirsize. That's terribly slow (and does for sure
not make the maildirsize-file).

The only thing I'm unsure of is whether your ldap attribute is called
quotaStorage? You could post some debug output from the log, with debug


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