[Dovecot] read only bug?

Andy Shellam andy.shellam-lists at mailnetwork.co.uk
Fri May 4 22:46:03 EEST 2007

I think the main question is, why do you have/want a read-only maildir?

By definition a maildir is constantly changing.  In your case, dovecot 
was trying to class a new e-mail as "read", hence the move from "new" to 
"cur."  Other ways in which a maildir changes, is the changing of the 
message size (S=... flag in the filename), and adding new flags to the 
end of a message, as well as the obvious moving messages between folders 

If you want to stop certain people from changing things in the maildir, 
you need to be looking at ACLs rather than file-system permissions.


Nagyon Almos wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have been still struggling with the read only maildir and
> I think I found something:
> dovecot wants to rename a file but 
> I/it have/has no rights to do that:
> dovecot: 2007-05-04 21:30:14 Error: IMAP(bela): 
> rename(/home/store/oldmails/.personal/cur/1154939281.00005.pc1.S=1879:2,S, /home/store/oldmails/.personal/new/1178307014.P8610Q0M347618.pc1) failed: Permission denied
> Why dovecot wants to rename it? It is really a read only directory.
> Regards,
> A.
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