[Dovecot] IMAP "freezing" on OSX

Ben Carter ben at saillune.net
Mon May 7 01:09:38 EEST 2007

Scott Murman wrote:
 > are you using the dovecot lda, or postfix, or procmail?  i've been using
 > dovecot on a PPC mac os x box for quite some time, but had to abandon
 > the dovecot lda because of exactly the problems you describe.  i
 > switched to postfix, then procmail, and have not had any problems since.

  Hmm... an interesting question - not as far as I know, though! Unless 
the act of updating Dovecot has reconfigured something...


  Nope, incoming mail is still going through 
Fetchmail->Postfix->Procmail, unless there's some clever hook into the 
system after Procmail gets its hands on it that I can't spot (procmail 
is just set to deliver to a specified maildir folder).

  Even when Dovecot isn't behaving, mail still arrives fine, so I'm 
pretty sure that isn't the problem (and my Procmail rules are all still 
working, so at the very least mail is getting there OK...)

  It's, erm, good to hear that someone else has seen this, though, and 
I'm not just going mad...

  Hmm... could it be LDA-related, though? I thought maildir was 
essentially lock-free, but is there any chance that Dovecot is getting 
confused because of local delivery operations taking place whilst it's 
working on the mailbox...?

  Thanks for the suggestion!
  Ben Carter - ben at gunk.demon.co.uk / ben at saillune.net (preferred)

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