[Dovecot] IMAP "freezing" on OSX

Scott Murman dovecot at segosha.net
Mon May 7 01:28:49 EEST 2007

>  Nope, incoming mail is still going through Fetchmail->Postfix- 
> >Procmail, unless there's some clever hook into the system after  
> Procmail gets its hands on it that I can't spot (procmail is just  
> set to deliver to a specified maildir folder).
>  Even when Dovecot isn't behaving, mail still arrives fine, so I'm  
> pretty sure that isn't the problem (and my Procmail rules are all  
> still working, so at the very least mail is getting there OK...)

yes, this sounds different than my issues.  in my case i'm pretty  
sure the dovecot LDA has a locking issue which manifests under high  
load (read: being spammed) which shuts out incoming mail and folder  
queries, etc.   once it gets bunged, there's nothing to do be restart.


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