[Dovecot] .imap files

L. Scott Loftin scott at ipass.net
Tue May 8 15:17:22 EEST 2007

Dovecot version: 1.0.rc7

OS: Red Hat Fedora Core 6

CPU: x86

Filesystem: Linux


I have recently upgraded from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 6 (the FC6 was a
clean install, not an upgrade).  Prior to the upgrade, I used Dovecot to
handle IMAP email that talked to Outlook clients.  After the FC6 install and
copying the .imap* files to the newly recreated user accounts, Outlook is
not seeing the old email.  Dovecot is creating new dovecot.* files to hold
new email, not looking in the existing .imap.* files.


Is there a way to either convert the .imap* files into the new dovecot.*
files or any way to recover the email that anyone knows about?




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