[Dovecot] Thinking Outside the Box - Extending IMAP

Andy Shellam andy.shellam-lists at mailnetwork.co.uk
Sun May 13 17:25:49 EEST 2007

I vote for making a custom Thunderbird plugin that will have a standard 
"blacklist/whitelist" for the exact sender or the whole domain (like 
Outlook 2003's junk handling.)  E.g. I could black/whitelist 
"marc at perkel.com" or "perkel.com."  This would then send the "execute 
blacklist <data>" command and the server-side will then be custom to 
whatever you need.

E.g. you say your black/whitelists are in text files, mine are in a 
PostgreSQL database, but the front-end client interface would be exactly 
the same regardless.

It depends if Thunderbird plugins can interact with the IMAP connection, 
as most of the plugins I've seen are all client-side functions.


Marc Perkel wrote:
> Andy Shellam wrote:
>> I love this idea!  I know it wouldn't be part of the standard IMAP 
>> specification, and you'd probably have to have an extra capability 
>> such as CUSTOMEXECUTE or something in the IMAP capabilities, which 
>> Thunderbird would have to look for before it allows the use of the 
>> plugins.
>> As you suggested, this would make it so much easier to create an 
>> Exchange-style account with Thunderbird/other client software.
>> Anyone else?
>> Andy.
> Thanks Andy. You literally could do anything with it. All you have to 
> do is create a server and a client and let IMAP establish a 
> connection. Seems to me it would be pretty easy to code up. The 
> executed program would need environment variables set so that the 
> server side would know the login name and IP address of the connection 
> in case you wanted to restrict or log that.
> So - who wants to code it up? I'll write a few server end pieces to 
> say edit text files to be used for server side block lists with Exim. 
> Need someone to code it into Dovecot, and need someone to write a 
> Thunderbird plugin that would add a "blacklist sender" button to send 
> the command.
> How hard can it be? Right?
> !DSPAM:37,46471e50343942291814979!

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