[Dovecot] LDAP for Virtual Domains

Bryan Vyhmeister dovecot at bsdjournal.net
Mon May 21 23:59:48 EEST 2007

On May 20, 2007, at 10:17 PM, Daniel L. Miller wrote:

> This is a problem in basic understanding of Postfix's (or just  
> about any LDAP enabled program, for that matter) LDAP handling.   
> The docs reference mailacceptinggeneralid in the examples (and I  
> still don't know what LDAP schema Wietse may have pulled that from)  
> - and it is a default - but YOU explicitly tell Postfix how to use  
> your LDAP configuration.
> If you look at my files, the virtual_mailbox_maps parameter  
> specifies a file - which I created.  That file tells Postfix  
> exactly how to work with LDAP.  You can see the query is searching  
> the LDAP "mail" field, and returns the value of the "mail" field in  
> a particular format.  Nowhere in my query_filter and  
> result_attribute do you see mailacceptinggeneralid - so I assume  
> you didn't implement my sample config.
> If Dovecot is now using your LDAP properly, we're probably getting  
> off-topic now and you should continue this on the Postfix mailing  
> list.  If you want to contact me directly I will try to help you as  
> well.

Thanks. Pascal was a big help off-list and it is working fine now.  
Once I finish my configuration completely, I will add it to the wiki  
and write a separate howto as well. Thank you.


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