[Dovecot] Dovecot crashes with malformed Qpopper's mbox

前田 剛 maeda-g at secom-sanin.co.jp
Thu May 24 13:31:38 EEST 2007

>> Dovecot dies while processing UIDL command when accessing malformed
>> Qpopper's mbox which has duplicated "From " separator. Qpopper
>> occasionally makes such header while rewriting mbox.
> Thanks, fixed: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-1.0/rev/89aa4c7f40b7

   It works. Thanks you.

   Although the malformed mbox I sent is consists of 2 messages, Dovecot 
recognizes 3 messages.

     +OK Dovecot ready.
     user xxxxxxxx
     pass xxxxxxxx
     +OK Logged in.
     +OK 3 messages:
     1 23
     2 940
     3 968
     retr 1
     +OK 23 octets
     X-UIDL: i[f"!$h*!!S67!!/RW!!

   In the above pop3 session, message #1 and #2 is originally one 
message, so Dovecot should recognize that the whole mbox contains 2 
messages, not 3 messages.

   I would like you to consider improving Dovecot to skip second (and 
duplicated, unnecessary) "From" separator.

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// MAEDA, Go <maeda-g at secom-sanin.co.jp>

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