[Dovecot] Will pay $500 towards a Dovecot feature = calender ?

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Thu May 24 18:50:11 EEST 2007

Robert Schetterer wrote:
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> Frank Cusack schrieb:
>> On May 23, 2007 12:33:04 PM -0700 David Jonas <djonas at vitalwerks.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Frank Cusack wrote:
>>>> On May 23, 2007 11:54:20 AM -0700 Marc Perkel <marc at perkel.com> wrote:
>>>>> IMAP establishes a connection between the client and the server.
>>>>> Wouldn't it be great if it could be a conduit to let custom Thunderbird
>>>>> plugins talk to custom server application over the IMAP interface? For
>>>>> example, personalized server settings. Suppose for example I want
>>>>> Thunderbird to edit my server side white lists or black lists or any
>>>>> other setting? Wouldn't it be nice if IMAP supported these changes? The
>>>>> connection is made. It's a secure connection that's been authenticated.
>>>>> Lets use it!
>>>> Sounds like a job for ACAP.
>>> "It's rumoured to be the most complex Internet Engineering Task Force
>>> designed protocol ever..." --
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_Configuration_Access_Protocol
>> hyperbole
> Hi all, i think sombody would have like to a imap calender solution
> implemented in dovecot? Am i right here?
> You can have simular right now using thunderbird , lightning, kolab
> plugin, ( should be shown in horde webmail too )
> if dovecot/thunderbird has acl in future , you would give acl on that
> imap folder, so you may have shared calenders and adressbooks with imap
> as well as private ones, which should be shown up in horde webmail too.
> This makes thunderbird/horde nearly working same featured than
> exchange/outlook.
> For now it isnt perfect , but i use it in small setups.
> still coding i needed in kolab extensions, horde etc.

Yes - with the ability to ise IMAP as a connection channel you could do 
anything that Microsoft Exchange does and more. The idea is that you can 
establish a connection between any server app and any client app. 
Generally you would want it to be somewhat email related but it's wide 
open and doesn't have to be. And what's wrong with unlimited functionality?

Keep in mind that one of the reasons people buy Exchange is because 
Exchange does things that people want. A calendar is one of many 
examples. But to start with I'm thinking more in terms of controlling 
server side email settings.

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