[Dovecot] Dovecot hard link problem

도원철 wdo at handysoft.co.kr
Sun Jun 1 17:35:34 EEST 2008

My company recently changed mail server from cyrus to dovecot.

The problem is that dovecot does not support hard links for message files
with same message ID.

I turned on the ‘maildir_copy_with_hardlinks’ option in dovecot.conf, but
it does not seems to have relation to this problem, am I misunderstood?

Hard links are created when move or copy messages from one folder to other
folder, but when deliver creates messages this option does not works.

Our mail storage will be exhausted in few days.

If you have some idea to solve this problem, please please help me.

Or If you fix this problem, I will happily pay for it at reasonable cost.


I installed dovecot 1.0.13 and postfix 2.5.1.


Best regards,


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