[Dovecot] Segfault in imap_bodystructure_write when searching

Christer Mjellem Strand christer at mjellem.no
Sun Jun 1 17:47:58 EEST 2008

>> Whenever I try to search on my dovecot test install, dovecot dies. It
>> immediately spawns a new process, which the client tries to connect to,
>> and send search commands to, causing that to die, and so forth. This loop
>> means I have to kill either the server or the client.
> Your dovecot.index.cache file is probably broken somehow. Try moving
> dovecot.index* files elsewhere and see if it works then? If it does and
> dovecot.index.cache doesn't contain anything too sensitive
> (subjects/from/to addresses), could you send me the dovecot.index*
> files?
> If it crashes even without dovecot.index* files then the mails
> themselves contain a broken message. It would help if I could get that
> message.

Bullseye. Why did I fail to mention that I was trying to use uiddb from 
Courier? :P
Using your conversion script fixed it, but simply copying the Courier file 
crashed Dovecot. According to http://wiki.dovecot.org/Migration/Courier this 
is supposed to work though, so either that page is wrong, or Dovecot has a 

>> betty - ~vpopmail/domains/bar.com/foo # gdb /usr/lib/dovecot/imap core
> ..
>> (no debugging symbols found)
>> Core was generated by `imap'.
>> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
>> #0  0x080a539d in imap_bodystructure_write ()
>> (gdb) bt full
>> #0  0x080a539d in imap_bodystructure_write ()
>> No symbol table info available.
>> #1  0x08083b5c in ?? ()
> Unfortunately this backtrace is almost completely broken and it doesn't
> really help.. You also could try compiling Dovecot itself with debug
> symbols and getting backtrace from it. That'd probably work.

I tried reproducing now, but it seems it's started working even when moving 
all dovecot files and copying courierimapuiddb to dovecot-uidlist. If I see 
it again I'll send you a copy of the file offlist.


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