[Dovecot] outlook windows problem

Quentin Chung (KTS) quentin.chung at kts-group.com
Wed Jun 11 14:56:47 EEST 2008

as I know.

create your own root cert.  use that root cert to sign your dovecot ssl
publish your public root cert in web server, and give instructions to your
users to import this root cert once...
then no more prompt on accepting the dovecot cert anymore.. this apply to
www or other secure connection too.


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> On 6/10/2008 3:19 PM, rashantha de silva wrote:
> >>> hello, client can not connect using outlook.
> >>>
> >>> has any of you noticed this problem. can not connect with imap or
> >>> as pop. i am using a self signed certificate.
> >> Not connecting to dovecot via SSL with a self-signed certificate?
> >> Try opening IE on that machine and going to
> >> https://yourmailserver:995 and accept the certificate permanantly.
> >> Then see if Outlook will connect.
> > thanks for the tip rick, but that would be strange request to make to
> >  a client.
> Self-signed certs have always been a problem in OL (and I guess OE, but
> I don't use it or support it much)...
> There is no way to permanently save one via the pop-up...
> Meaning, the client will get the warning and have to accept it every tim
> they connect for the first time.
> Nothing dovecot can do about that...
> That said - it will work...
> But again, would need more details... are your config details secret?
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> Best regards,
> Charles

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