[Dovecot] dovecot as gmail imap proxy

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Wed Jun 18 00:21:03 EEST 2008

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008, Farkas Levente wrote:

> hi,
> may be this is a bit of topic, but i hope not. it's always a big question 
> which is the better to choose a hosting provider to keep and manage you mail 
> or setup your own mail server, hosting, virus and spam filter etc.. now as 
> more and more people and company move to gmail or google apps mail service it 
> seems google can't handle the load and it's getting more and more slower. 
> what's more not just the imap interface but nowadays the web interface used 
> to be hang or even stop working. it's getting more and more annoying that the 
> speed is worst than in a 10 years ago. i thing about how can this be solved 
> without totally give up gmail as a mail service provider (and may be they can 
> solve it in a few months/years:-).
> would it be possible to create a dovecot server as an imap proxy for gmail 
> and google apps?

What I have is:

* rose, my primary server (but far away)
* supercore, another server at my parents' house

rose is the primary MX.

I run offlineimap on supercore to sync a local Maildir on supercore with 
rose's IMAP - that way, my parents can use a server with <1ms ping, and as 
they use Dovecot to modify the local Maildir on supercore, a minute 
later offlineimap will wake up and create IMAP operations to synchronize 
rose with the state on supercore.


-- Asheesh.

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