[Dovecot] v1.1.rc12 released

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Fri Jun 20 01:19:34 EEST 2008

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> http://dovecot.org/releases/1.1/rc/dovecot-1.1.rc12.tar.gz
> http://dovecot.org/releases/1.1/rc/dovecot-1.1.rc12.tar.gz.sig
> Sorry, one more RC because of the mbox+quota bug. v1.1.0 still planned
> for tomorrow.
> 	- mbox: Don't give "Can't find next message offset" warnings when
> 	  plugin (e.g. quota) accesses the message being saved.
> 	- deliver: Settings inside protocol imap {} weren't ignored.
Oh wow.  I can't wait to start nagging the Debian/Ubuntu project 
managers to update their packages!


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