[Dovecot] no maildirsize file being created -dovecot v1.1

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Jun 21 17:20:19 EEST 2008

Hi Timo,

I changed the maildir directive in my dovecot.conf as you suggested. The
maildirsize file IS created now , but, the ~/mail folder structure is
now showing all messed up for the user that logs into Squirrelmail for
Before the mail_location was changed;
After, mail_location = maildir:~/mail

Notice how after the maildir directive change there are .DOT in front of
Drafts,Sent,Trash as well as no .DOT in front of subsciptions,as well as
the added cur,new,tmp directories under the ~/mail folder??

And yes this is the default EL5 install with maildir storage( not mbox).
As I stated earlier, if i simply 'rpm -e dovecot' them 'rpm -ivh
dovecot' with the default install of the dovecot rpm that shipps with
EL5 everything comes up correctly as far as quotas for dovecot,
I think I may just stick with the default dovecot1.0.1.2-rc15.el rpm
that ships with EL5 for now. I'm afraid of other underlying problems i
may find as I we start using dovecot v1.1 when school starts then I will
be in trouble!
Another sidenote: After installing dovecot1.1 rpm dovecot appears to
start fine with no errors,,but it is not actually listening on port 143
by doing an nmap localhost. I had to change
listen = [::]
listen = *
then restart dovecot,then dovecot was listening on port 143 as it

Thanks for the help,
Barry Cisna

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