[Dovecot] 1.1 and the zlib plugin

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Wed Jun 25 16:24:10 EEST 2008

On Wednesday, June 25 at 01:24 PM, quoth Ed W:
> Kyle Wheeler wrote:
>> Conveniently, there's the zlib plugin. From what I could tell from the 
>> documentation, the compressed mbox names must end in ".gz",
> Not a solution, but I believe also now that you don't need to change the 
> ending?  I think the plugin looks at the first few bytes to determine the 
> type of the file?

I tried that... as you can see in my original email, it doesn't seem 
to work.

I *have* been able to get the zlib plugin to work with compressed 
messages in Maildirs (no gz extension), but I can't seem to get it to 
work with compressed mboxes. :(

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