[Dovecot] Automatic Expunge

Zachary Kotlarek zach at kotlarek.com
Wed Jun 25 17:45:38 EEST 2008

On Jun 25, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Ed W wrote:

> Jason Wohlford wrote:
> I've personally found most versions of Outlook (and OE) quite  
> satisfactory with IMAP?

<Outlook + IMAP whining redacted>

> I think some versions of outlook may also need you to flick an  
> option to set them to store Deleted/Drafts and Sent on the server??

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such option.

You can setup a rule to copy sent messages to the server, which is  
annoying but not hard to fix. But I've never seen any option to move  
messages to the trash rather than delete them. If such a thing exists  
I'd be very grateful if you'd share it with me.


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