[Dovecot] no maildirsize file being created -dovecot v1.1

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Jun 22 18:21:59 EEST 2008

Hi Timo,

Thanks for the info. You are exactly right ,,after I done some
researching. by default the Fedora and El distros setups up mail folders
in mbox format. My Bad. I was always under the impression default was
maildir.I have used sendmail>Procmail>dovecot>squirrelmail for my new
setup same as the last email server setup.I found that sendmail seems to
be much less CPU intensive than postfix,or I did not have the config
correctly as postfix was easy to setup but really choked our email
server when a secretary " bulk emailed" everyone in the school district.
I have learned a lot about this in the last couple days. I thought I
knew a little bit about this,but obviously I didn't know a thing. I am
going to go with the default dovecot rpm that ships with EL5 1.0.1x as
this does what all I need to have done. My main concern is the
check_quota plugin available for Squirrelmail works,and with the dirsize
quota directive put into dovecot.conf this is working very slick, and
appears to be reporting very accurately.Now hopefully some teachers will
not end up with 1GB mail folders!! and complaining the mail server is so
slow when they check their email via Squirrelmail at home!
Thanks again for steering me straight!

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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