[Dovecot] 1.1 namespaces and message corruption

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Fri Jun 27 22:48:59 EEST 2008


I've been trying out the new dovecot's namespace support, and I'm 
having some issues moving messages between namespaces. Specifically, 
when I move some messages from a Maildir-based namespace to an 
mbox-based namespace, the message gets corrupted: its contents are 
removed, and an entirely empty message is added to the destination 
mailbox. This is 100% repeatable (some messages just *cannot* be 
copied intact).

I have two namespaces, set up like so:

     namespace private { # Default
         separator = .
         hidden = no
         inbox = yes
         prefix =
         location = maildir:%h/Maildir
     namespace private {
         separator = .
         hidden = no
         prefix = "INBOX.ArchiveTest."
         location = mbox:%h/Maildir/Archive

All I do is tell my client (mutt) to copy a message from a folder in 
the maildir namespace into a folder in the mbox namespace.

Does anyone know what might be going wrong or how I can even debug 
this? No error messages of any kind are showing up in the dovecot log 
file, and the mail_debug setting doesn't seem to give me any useful 

Message corruption of this sort worries me...

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