[Dovecot] antispam plugin problem

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Sat Nov 1 13:49:49 EET 2008

On Sat, 2008-11-01 at 14:25 +0300, Eugene wrote:

> This is the output of  debug("calling dspam: %s %s %s %s %s %s %s", argv[0],
> argv[1], argv[2], argv[3], argv[4], argv[5], argv[6]);
> (debugv(argv) does not produce any output for some reason)
> Oct 26 02:37:12 qqqqq imap: antispam: calling dspam:
> /usr/contrib/bin/dspam --source=error --class=spam --signature=490387db858421194018847
>  --user genie (null)

That seems fine, so far. And it means the t_strdup calls worked just

> This is the captured output of forked process
> Oct 26 02:37:12 qsar imap: antispam: dspam returned: ^APdata stack: Out of
> memory when allocating 1073741840 bytes
> If I understand correctly, this message is produced by dovecot before it
> should have launched dspam executable. I don't know why it needs 1GB  of
> stack space for that. Changing dspam to dspamc does not help.
> Interestingly enough, launching 'sendmail' in mailtrain mode works ok.
> Do you have any ideas about what is wrong?

No, no idea, this is strange. Can you make dovecot dump a stack trace at
that point?

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