[Dovecot] MasterUser and old rev of Dovecot (0.99.14)

Christopher Alexander chris.alexander at crc.ca
Tue Nov 4 15:29:38 EET 2008

I need to migrate an old mail server running Dovecot (0.99.14) to a  
new server running Dovecot (1.0.7; as shipped with CentOS 5.2).

My plan was to use the imapsync utility as this will "seamlessly" do  
the conversion from mbox to maildir between the boxes as well.

I've got the MasterUser authentication working fine on the new host  
and was just about to start getting MasterUsers working on the old host.

I noticed that the old .99 version dovecot.conf seems to have a mildly  
different syntax from 1.0 dovecot.conf. In particular a lot of the  
directives do not use braces and such.

Is the .99 dovecot.conf file essentially able to deal with the same  
sort of syntax as outlined in the MasterUsers wiki page? [ http://wiki.dovecot.org/Authentication/MasterUsers 

I just wanted to bounce this off you guys before I started messing  
with a live system. ;)

Thanks in advance.

Christopher Alexander
UNIX Network Administrator
Broadband Network Technologies Branch (VPNT), Research Network Systems  
Communications Research Centre    [ http://www.crc.ca ]
Government of Canada              [ http://www.gc.ca  ]

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