[Dovecot] Compiling dovecot 1.1.6 with ICC

Steve steeeeeveee at gmx.net
Thu Nov 6 22:40:13 EET 2008

Hello list

I have compiled PostgreSQL with ICC (Intel C/C++ compiler) and this forces me to compile dovecot 1.1.6 as well with ICC. Trying to compile it with GCC fails, telling me it can not build with PostgreSQL support since it can not find libpq (but libpq is there!).

The funny part is that I can compile dovecot 1.1.6 with GCC 4.3.2 against MySQL which is build with ICC. But I can not build against PostgreSQL build with ICC. Why is that? Does any one know the reason why PostgreSQL is treated differently then MySQL in dovecot?

Well... so no way to get around to build dovecote with ICC. I can build dovecot with ICC but as soon as I start it, I get a crash. Loading the core dump into GDB does not give me much info. Probably because I have not compiled dovecot with debug symbols. Currently I am doing that. Hopefully this will produce better core dumps. I will post more info as soon as I get them. But in the mean time maybe some one has a hint for me how to get dovecot 1.1.6 to build properly with ICC?

// Steve

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