[Dovecot] Cannot get the libwrap patch work

Tahir riaz tahir.riaz at comsats.net.pk
Fri Nov 7 05:35:53 EET 2008

Hello there,
            I have been trying to make the patch work for libwrap(TCP
Wrappers) posted on http://dovecot.org/patches
<http://dovecot.org/patches%20Patch%20of%201.1>  Patch of 1.1 but could not
get it work. Any help will be highly appreciated. After compiling and
running it I get error "Error: login_tcp_wrappers can't be used because
Dovecot wasn't built with libwrap"
Dovecot Version           dovecot-1.1.5
OS                               CENTOS  5.1

Tahir Riaz
Assistant Director (Systems)
COMSATS Internet Services
COMSATS Headquarters Building
9, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat, G-5/2

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