[Dovecot] Courier->dovecot migration script

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Nov 12 14:42:32 EET 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 13:12 +0200, Warren Baker wrote:
> HI All,
> We have the latest Dovecot 1.1.6 running and I need to migrate some
> POP3 users over from Courier to Dovecot and would need to convert the
> courierpop3dsizelist to maintain the UIDs.
> I just need to confirm that the script
> (http://www.dovecot.org/tools/courier-dovecot-migrate.pl) only works
> for Dovecot v1.0 and not for v1.1?
> As the dovecout-uidlist file that is created (by the script) is not in
> the same format as dovecot-uidlist file that is created by the 1.1.6
> server.

Dovecot v1.1 can read v1.0 uidlists just fine, so the script still
works. But it's possible that the script doesn't convert all POP3 UIDLs
because it wasn't possible with v1.0 (it'll report how many it couldn't
convert). Dovecot v1.1 supports storing any kind of POP3 UIDLs in the
uidlist file, which would make it possible to create a migration script
that preserved all the UIDLs correctly. If you or anyone else wants to
try, the v1.1 format uidlist with POP3 UIDLs would look like:

3 V<uid-validity> N<next-uid>
<uid> P<pop3 uidl> :<filename>

Where the first line is a header. So for example with 3 different kinds
of Courier UIDLs:

3 V1196932607 N125574
1234 P1234 :1225386267.M230815P21206.host
1235 P1196932607-1235 :1225386268.M230815P21206.host
1236 P1225386269.M230815P21206.host :1225386269.M230815P21206.host

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