[Dovecot] Courier->dovecot migration script

Warren Baker warren at decoy.co.za
Wed Nov 12 15:01:43 EET 2008

2008/11/12 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:
> Dovecot v1.1 can read v1.0 uidlists just fine, so the script still
> works. But it's possible that the script doesn't convert all POP3 UIDLs
> because it wasn't possible with v1.0 (it'll report how many it couldn't
> convert).

Answers my question why the MUA is downloading all of the mails again.

> Dovecot v1.1 supports storing any kind of POP3 UIDLs in the
> uidlist file, which would make it possible to create a migration script
> that preserved all the UIDLs correctly. If you or anyone else wants to
> try, the v1.1 format uidlist with POP3 UIDLs would look like:
> 3 V<uid-validity> N<next-uid>
> <uid> P<pop3 uidl> :<filename>
> Where the first line is a header. So for example with 3 different kinds
> of Courier UIDLs:
> 3 V1196932607 N125574
> 1234 P1234 :1225386267.M230815P21206.host
> 1235 P1196932607-1235 :1225386268.M230815P21206.host
> 1236 P1225386269.M230815P21206.host :1225386269.M230815P21206.host

I actually started adding this to your script already. As soon as I
have a working copy I will send it on to you.

Thanks for the info.


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