[Dovecot] Antispam plugin + script sieve

Allan Cassaro allan.cassaro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 20:41:51 EET 2008

Hi guys,

I will start a little script that receive via antispam plugin an
email, extract the "from" and "return-path" and create alter the sieve
script of the user that send the e-mail.
Well, I don't speak english very well (I speak like Borat!!!), but
with some examples is better to understand:

1) Some user move an "undesirable" mail to "Automatic Block" folder
2) The antispam plugin call my script
3) The script parse the e-mail and extract the from and return-path mail
4) A rule is added to ~/.dovecot.sieve to dicard messages that came
from that e-mail
5) If the user remove the mail from "Automatic Block" folder, the
script remove this rule

So, my question is: anyone is working on something similar with this?
(I don't want to reinvent the wheel)


"Não deixe a faculdade atrapalhar seus estudos."


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