[Dovecot] Can I import RFC822 messages into Dovecot from file system

bbell2000 b311b-dovecot at theotherbell.com
Thu Nov 27 21:07:11 EET 2008

I'm returning to qmail and dovecot after having suffered a complete failure
with a different mail system and I'm now trying to figure out the easiest
way to recover our messages from the failed system.

The messages are stored as RFC822 in individual files and I can easily
identify which message belongs to whom.  I have qmail and dovecot configured
to use Maildir format.

I know I can probably write a script that resends the messages... but in
addition to adding another layer of transport headers I really don't want,
it's going to be way slow unless I disable my current content filters.

I'm new to dovecot and what's got me hung up are the indexes that dovecot
maintains in each user's directory.  Otherwise, I'd probably try copying the
messages into Maildir/cur just to see if it worked.

I could sure use some ideas about an efficient, reliable means of getting
our old messages back.

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