[Dovecot] Sieve and global scripts

Tom Hendrikx tom at whyscream.net
Fri Nov 28 16:23:07 EET 2008


Since there already is support for including a global sieve script from
within your personal sieve script, wouldn't it be easier to add a
default sieve script in your /etc/skel/ dir that includes the global
script include?

In that way it works out of the box for new users, but configuration can
be changed/disabled by the user.

Not sure about existing users, though...


Andrés Yacopino schreef:
> Hi Stephan I will love this feature too.
> Allan, could you give some example of your wrapper.
> Thanks,
> Andres
> Allan Cassaro escribió:
>> Hi Stephan Bosch,
>> there's any way to make the dovecot deliver agent (with sieve) load a
>> "global sieve script" before load the user sieve file?
>> I want to create some rules for every one, like: "if header contais:
>> IS SPAM, move to SPAM BOX"...
>> I made this today with a couple of "sed + awk" and a wraper for
>> managesieve-login... but, this is definily not the best way to do
>> this...
>> This is possible to do? (Even with change in the code)
>> Regards.

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