[Dovecot] Want to have some users with Maildir, some with mbox

WJCarpenter bill-dovecot at carpenter.org
Tue Feb 2 00:40:57 EET 2010

>> http://wiki.dovecot.org/Migration/MailFormat shows a bunch of 
>> scripts, one of them claims to preserve UIDs.
>> Does anyone here have direct successful experience with this?  I only 
>> asked about this because a comment on that same page says, "None of 
>> the solutions described below preserve the message UIDs."
> Answering my own question.  I did some experiments last night, and 
> JulianFitzell's patched version of mb2md.pl, along with his 
> migrateuser.sh script, looks like it works as advertised.  (Local 
> tweaks to the migrate scripts, but that's fair enough.)   Thanks, Julian!

Commenting on my answer to my own question... :-)

For one MBOX folder for one user, total of over 5000 messages, a couple 
of dozen messages got a warning to the effect of "can't parse date for 
this message".  Although I imagined that the resulting MAILDIR messages 
would have bogus dates, it turned out that they had no headers at all.  
The message files contained only the message bodies.  (The user 
complained, but I had him whacked so word wouldn't get out.  :-)

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