[Dovecot] Create New Plugin

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Feb 4 01:43:21 EET 2010

On 3.2.2010, at 14.41, Alex Baule wrote:

> i have a Little question....
> I dont know to much the autoconf/automake...there is a command or something
> to do, to include my plugin in the Makefile for dovecot compile them when i
> compile the hole package ??
> or i shoud go to the configure and makefile.am and put by hand ?
> I put my plugin in the plugins directory source tree.

Well .. You could put them by hand and run autogen.sh and configure again. Or you could do the same as how other external plugins do it, with an explicit gcc line just giving all the necessary include paths etc. For example see: http://dovecot.org/patches/1.2/penalty.c

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